Tapas Topics: 

Part I: Causation Analysis - The Standard Method of Addressing Claims of Accident-Relatedness, Injury-Relatedness, Work-Relatedness, and Any Other Type of Causation Claims
Dr. Barth has extensive experience working with professional organizations to create formal continuing education programs which teach the standard method for causation analysis. The method was standardized by several federal health science agencies as of the 1970s and has been incorporated into scientific guidelines since. Learn why documenting utilization of this six-step method is critical, and how to challenge causation if this method is not used.

Speaker:  Robert Barth, Neuropsychologist

Part II: A Short Ugly History of the Opioid Epidemic's Impact on Workers Compensation and a Roadmap Back Home
There is a very clear 25-year line of how opioids became the treatment of choice amongst workers' compensation treaters and now science and law are giving us the road back. It all starts with proper case management when the first pill is prescribed.

Jeff Marshall, Consultant