Autonomous Vehicles and ADAS: Emerging Tech, Meet Insurance – Considerations for Claim Investigation and Defense

Self-driving cars, buses, trucks, ships, and aircraft are making the shift from fiction to fact, even as related technologies are still evolving. We will discuss the latest developments in this field and explore how handling claims that arise in the course of operations will be different from (and similar to) current transportation accident investigations. We will also cover developments in insurance in context with the rise of policies tailored to individual consumers' vehicular options and driving patterns.


Erin Erickson, Managing Partner, Bohyer, Erickson, Beaudette & Tranel, P.C.
Mark J. Rose, Partner, Roig Lawyers
Yanai Siegel, Corporate Counsel, Appliance Dealers Cooperative
Thomas Wright, Member, Anderson, Crawley & Burke, PLLC