Defusing Nuclear Verdicts

Jury verdicts in excess of $10Ms have become commonplace in recent years. What is driving this trend?

Plaintiffs’ attorneys are motivated to find innovative ways to drive up damages – the bigger they win, the more they get paid. How can the defense bar develop and share its own innovative strategies?

Jerry Hamilton, widely recognized and honored for his expertise in high-exposure litigation, shares novel strategies that are being applied across jurisdictions and practice areas to minimize the chance of a nuclear verdict. Jerry will be joined by, who will discuss practical applications for claims professionals.


Jerry D. Hamilton, Hamilton, Miller & Birhtisel, LLP, Managing Partner
Schuyler A. Smith, Hamilton, Miller & Birthisel, LLP, Partner
Marilyn Valenciano, ESIS, Sr. Claims Counsel
Fred Perez, McLarens, Sr. Vice President, Operations
Traci McGuire, AmeriTrust, CCO