Perils and Pitfalls of E-Discovery: Has it All Been Blown Out of Proportion?

In a 368-page Order on 12/15/22, a federal judge struck the answer and imposed other sanctions in a wrongful death case. Every litigator/litigant ought to understand why both the Defendant and its lawyers were sanctioned. The Court found (a) counsel did not conduct a “reasonable inquiry” in response to discovery, mostly e-discovery; (b) Defendant’s discovery responses were incomplete and inaccurate; (c) counsel improperly withheld the identity of a witness; and (d) Defendant made baseless objections to certain requests for production. Learn how to make sure you’re not the next one trapped by the complex web of E-discovery.


Michael McNaughtonGlobal Corporate & Specialty Senior Counsel, Allianz 
Stacey Smith, Claims Department Manager, ALPS Insurance Agency 
Kathryn Whitlock, Partner, McAngus Goudelock & Courie