Traumatic Brain Injuries - The Biomechanics of Injury Causation, and First Steps in Case Analysis

Learn about the foundational methods used during a biomechanical analyses of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). The presenting biomechanist and doctor will discuss core concepts regarding physics and engineering, as well as human anatomy and physiology in understandable terms using real-world examples and field experience. Attendees will take away a new appreciation of the terms and principles used in biomechanics such as Delta-V, acceleration, injury mechanisms, injury assessment reference values, human tolerance, and personal tolerance, and will learn how to apply those concepts to evaluate the significance of a TBI claim.


Robert Barth, Ph.D., Neuropsychologist
Ron Fijalkowski, Director of Biomechanics & Human Factors-East Coast, V.P. & Senior Biomechanist, ARCCA, Inc. & Epic Sports Biomechanics, LLC