Virtual Reality: Will Changes to the Litigation Environment Endure in this New Hybrid World?

In many industries, remote work is now the norm, not the exception. The same is true for certain aspects of litigation. During the pandemic, litigation was forced to proceed remotely. Our courts, lawyers, and carriers found new ways to handle cases in an unfamiliar digital format. While some aspects of remote litigation practice were not ideal, other aspects worked better than expected. The effectiveness of remote depositions, hearings, mediations, and trials was tested over the past few years. What lessons can we take away? During this presentation, our panelists will give their thoughts on which remote practices should stay and why.


Alona Croteau, Chief Claims Officer-Specialty & Surety, CapSpecialty
Jeff Eberhard, Managing Partner, Smith Freed Eberhard
Elizabeth Sconzert, Partner, Blue Williams, LLC