When the Thunder Rolls:  Hurricanes, Tornadoes, & the Wrath of Nature

Natural disasters and extreme weather events will impact every organization. Insurance claims resulting from natural catastrophes are at an all-time high, with weather events causing 39 percent of home insurance claims in 2020. As these trends continue, claims professionals wrestle with how to mitigate property damage and return to normalcy following nature’s fury. Actions before and after events must be clearly defined. Negotiation and placement of well-defined property coverages and knowledge of contract language are essential. Preparation and loss prevention prior to events cannot be overemphasized. This session will discuss critical actions to take before and after severe weather-related events.


Danny Miller, Executive Vice President, Sedgwick
Juan Carlos Araiza, Senior Vice President, EFI Global, Inc.
Chris Adolph, Vice President - Property Claims, Sompo International
Mary-Ellen King, Partner, Thompson Coe LLP
Bradley East, Director of Operations, Polaris Forensics