Cyber Claims and Acts of War

When do cyber-attacks constitute an Act of War that insurers can exclude from coverage? The 2017 “NotPetya” Russian cyber-attack aimed at Ukraine caused more than $10B damages worldwide, but when Merck’s insurers tried to exclude a $1.4B cyber damage claim they lost in court. On Feb 24, 2022 a Russian cyber-attack on a comsat shut down satellite broadband internet service to not only Ukraine’s military and police force as Russian military invaded, but also to more than 30,000 other customers across Western Europe. Lloyd’s of London has since mandated new cyber warfare exclusions in their policies that may prove problematic. Please join us for a briefing on Cyber Claims and Acts of War.


Eileen E. Buholtz, Partner, Connors, Corcoran & Buholtz, PLLC
Yanai SiegelCorporate Counsel, Appliance Dealers Cooperative
Marc Tolliver, Partner, Touchstone Bernays